“Great Wall Hero 2022–Beijing, the Night is Young” global promotional campaign launched on the Liangma River

BEIJING, August 11, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — About August 11, 2022the global promotional campaign event “Great Wall Hero 2022—Beijing, the Night is Young” (hereinafter referred to as Great Wall Hero 2022) organized by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism was held at Yansha Wharf , on the banks of the Liangma River.

Ms. Pang Wei awarded the official Great Wall Heroes 2022 certificates.

Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism Deputy Director Pang Wei attended the event and delivered a speech. The event also brought together more than 100 guests, including members of the cultural and tourist offices of the beijing districts, representatives involved in the management of tourist attractions around the city, inbound tourism companies, media journalists and foreign guests. The event was broadcast live on the official international social media accounts of the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism to share the wonderful moment with fans around the world.

With the context of the 14e Five-year plan, “Great Wall Hero 2022” aims to make beijing into an international consumer center by showcasing that of Beijing night economy, historical attractions and unique cultural resources. The campaign’s diverse coverage of culture, history, entertainment and lifestyle, in combination with the promotion of emerging cultural tourism resources, lays a solid foundation for the future development of inbound tourism in beijing. The event aims to stimulate the vitality of that of Beijing international marketing of cultural tourism and promoting that of Beijing international influence.

At the event, the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism launched five new cultural tourism routes with the theme of “night economy” through different regions of beijingto know beijing on stage, Beijing through culture, beijing for families, beijing in fashion, and beijing moving. There “beijingthe cultural tourism routes “the night is young” focus on the essentials of nightlife beijing and showcase that of Beijing rich cultural night tourism from the perspective of food, accommodation, travel, sightseeing, shopping and entertainment. The routes take in some of the city’s most representative night-time cultural and tourist consumption areas, including the National Center for the Performing Arts, the Liangma River, Bloomage Live in Wukesong, Sanlitun, and Qianmen Street, showing that of Beijing “nocturnal charm.”

Foreign experts who have lived and worked in beijing for a long time have been invited to the event to discover the five routes and share the extraordinary pleasure of beijing night life. Among the guests were five “Great Wall Heroes”, including professional entertainers, entertainers, fashionistas, top chefs and star sports coaches. Longtime Pekingese, they passed on their love for beijing showcasing the fun trips they’ve taken through the five different routes.

After the video launch session, the guests took a night cruise on the Liangma River. The night cruise route on the Liangma River was officially opened in July 2021. The total length of the cruise is 1.8 kilometers, starting from Yansha Wharf and ending at Solana Wharf and passing a number of important landmarks. The tour was streamed live on the Visit Beijing Facebook page, allowing overseas fans to experience “beijingthe night is young.” The live stream has been viewed a total of 100,000 times.

The “Great Wall Hero 2022—Beijing, the Night is Young” global promotional campaign digs deeper into the importance of beijing as an ancient capital and a modern center with a unique local flavor, striving to promote the integrated development of cultural tourism and trade, technology, sports and more to increase the number of cultural and tourism products on the market. The offer of quality cultural and tourist resources will continuously improve that of Beijing consumption vitality, revitalize the cultural tourism industry market and contribute to the construction of beijing as an international consumer center.

“Great Wall Heroes” is a global marketing campaign launched by the Beijing Municipal Bureau of Culture and Tourism on Visit Beijing’s international social media platforms. Every year, international influencers are invited to the event to discover the latest beijing cultural tourism routes and products and promote them online through videos, photos, etc. It has been held for six consecutive sessions since 2016 and has become an important annual event to promote that of Beijing cultural and tourist resources. Each event is an organic combination of online and offline events to showcase all that beijing has to offer in the best possible way. For example, “Great Wall Heroes” leveraged the China-US Tourism Year to promote key cultural heritage belts like the Great Wall and the Grand Canal, as well as international events like the 2019 Beijing Horticultural Expo. .

The tourism industry has been heavily impacted by the Covid-19 pandemic since 2020, and the “Great Wall Heroes” global promotional campaign has adapted accordingly. Since the pandemic, influential foreign experts with long experience in that of Beijing cultural tourism industry were invited to talk about the city from an international perspective. By leveraging the industry influence of foreign celebrities, the campaign aims to promote that of Beijing international image as an inbound tourism destination and stimulate cultural tourism exchanges and cooperation.

In 2020, the global promotional event “Great Wall Hero 2020 – Visit Beijing Again” was held at Guancheng Square in Badaling Great Wall Scenic Spot. The event was combined with the “Beijing Great Wall Cultural Festival” to promote five Great Wall cultural tourist routes. In a popular video, 20 foreign influencers dressed in Han-style costumes visited the Great Wall at night. The video has strengthened cultural exchanges between China and other countries around the wall, and greatly enhanced the cultural influence of the Great Wall.

In 2021, the “Great Wall Hero 2021—Beijing Winter Charms” event was held at the Beijing National Speed ​​Skating Oval, nicknamed “The Ice Ribbon”. The event happened that of Beijing sports and cultural facilities as the capital of winter sports, alongside lively folk cultural elements of the Spring Festival. The event achieved an exposure rate of over 20 million views, attracting 200 media reports. A video about the event has been viewed over 430,000 times.



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