Futureing Peace” uses an immersive experience to educate on important issues

The United Nations announced a new project earlier this month – a series of ecospheres called “United Nations: The Future of Peace”. The UN has partnered with Media Farm Studios, PHORIA and Meta Quest to create an immersive experience for audiences to understand the significance and potentially catastrophic consequences of the challenges we face as a planet and a species when it comes to change climate change and global peacebuilding. efforts.


A press release announcing the company explained, “Since its initial launch in 2020, ecosphere has wowed Meta Quest users with intimate natural history films, produced with World Wildlife Fund (WWF) and Silverback Films. . Now audiences will see the ecosphere expand further into the space of social impact, to become a hub for stories about humanity – and communities working together to overcome conflict, build peace and save their way of life.

“Ecosphere began as a series produced by PHORIA, bringing inaccessible parts of nature to people with the world’s first VR camera technology,” points out Samuel Tate Goudie, XR Director at PHORIA. “Since its launch, the app has found an audience of over half a million visitors. We see the development of the ecosphere platform as a way to bring immersive stories to a wide audience, but also to explore how these stories are told. Immersive software enables a shared experience, interactivity, and presence that not only elevates the medium, but will come to define it.

United Nations: Future of Peace

The United Nations: The Future of Peace campaign is designed to make the most of immersive technology. The goal is to educate people and drive change through experiential storytelling. Two series are currently part of the campaign: “Sea of ​​Islands” and “Pathways Columbia”.

This effort is intended to strategically support the UN as it demonstrates the power of XR internally, enabling its teams around the world to adopt technologies to support their efforts; It will also scale and deliver immersive UN content and positive world-shaping efforts to global audiences in XR.

“Sea of ​​Islands” was filmed in Fiji. This is a high impact, immersive documentary, focusing on the experience of local Pacific Islanders and their stories to provide invaluable context and insight into the issue of climate change and sea level rise. in the Asia-Pacific region and in the global community. At its core, the project is about creating an immersive experience that contributes to greater understanding and empathy, enabling better climate and security decision-making for the Pacific Islands and beyond.

“Pathways to Columbia” highlights UN peacebuilding efforts, tracking the progress of reconstruction efforts in Colombia. More than fifty years of armed conflict in Colombia ended with the final peace agreement of 2016. Today, former combatants are starting their lives as civilians again. This series examines reintegration projects that bring together former combatants and victims to find new paths to truth, justice and peace.

Broaden horizons with immersive content

This initiative with the United Nations and the launch of the “United Nations: Futureing Peace” ecosphere series is impressive. It also demonstrates what is possible when we reimagine how we capture and share information.

I spoke with Gabrielle Allen, founder of US and UK-based Media Farm studios, one of the collaborators on this effort. She is an influential figure in entertainment, with respected background co-planning and award-winning pioneering campaigns with major film studios and television networks including Warner Bros, Universal, MGM, Disney, Fox, Paramount, Sony, Focus Features, Lionsgate. , Netflix, NBC, CBS, ABC and others. She is also deeply involved and a champion of immersive technologies such as AI, VR, AR, MR, etc.

Allen explained that she wanted to find ways to use the skills and capabilities of Media Farm Studios and the technology tools that currently exist in today’s world to help move some of these key initiatives forward. “I thought, let’s bring together the resources that we have and the teams that we have, and potentially work with the United Nations to help create content and help them really drive the narrative around some of these major goals and initiatives that we all have that the citizens of the world rely on.

Discover the ecosphere “United Nations: the future of peace”

The “United Nations: Futureing Peace” ecosphere series will feature a series of special episodes, including Sea of ​​Islands and Pathways Colombia. Musalem, which will take users on an immersive journey to Yemen, will be added soon.

If you don’t have a Meta Quest headset, now’s a good time to buy one – or at least make friends with someone who does – so you can access the immersive content of the ecosphere. and consult “United Nations: the future of peace”. for you. However, you do not need a Meta Quest to view the content. 2D video content, 360, 180 content, 3D biospheres, AR promotional content.