FPI launches CO2 analyzer to meet carbon target…

In 2021, to achieve the goal of peak carbon by 2030 and carbon neutrality by 2060, the Ministry of Ecology and Environment published the Guide on the coordination and strengthening of work related to the response to climate change and the protection of the ecological environment and the carbon monitoring and assessment pilot project. Work program. Propose to strengthen the detection of greenhouse gases and implement the reduction of pollution and carbon, thus further optimizing the energy mix and encouraging industries to improve their efficiency and reduce their consumption. As a global technology leader, FPI is committed to researching and developing premium analyzers and instruments and integrating them throughout the life cycle of the products and solutions we provide to our customers.

AQMS-450 CO2 Analyzer

The AQMS-450 is an ozone analyzer independently developed by FPI based on chemiluminescence technology, used to detect and evaluate the CO2 concentration level of one of the environmental air quality parameters (SO2, NO2 , CO, O3, PM2.5 and PM10). This analyzer can measure CO2 concentration in μmol/mol (ppm), with strong anti-interference ability, high repeatability and accuracy. Meanwhile, its measurement data and status information such as fault, temperature, flow, pressure will be automatically transmitted and queried. It is convenient and accurate for relevant departments to estimate air quality.


The analyzer adopts GFC NDIR technology. Both beams passing through the GFC enter the white cavity and the intensity of the beam passing through the reference chamber is unaffected by the CO2 in the cavity and is measured as the ruler of the reference signal. The intensity of the beam passing through the measuring chamber is attenuated by the absorption of CO2 radiation in the chamber and is measured as the measurement signal M. According to Lambert’s law, the CO2 concentration in the gas to be measured is obtained by comparing the ratio of the two signals.


High responsiveness, high repeatability and easy operation.

Range up to 2000 ppm, with wide measurement range and low detection limit.

Built-in CO2 purge device to eliminate the interference of ambient CO2 concentration fluctuation on the instrument measurement.

Adopt white cavity design. The surface of optical devices uses special anti-corrosion treatment technology, good stability, long service life.


Environmental monitoring in urban areas, carbon emissions monitoring within industrial campus boundaries, routine CEMS emissions monitoring.

For more information about the analyzer, please visit FPI’s official online platform: online.fpi-inc.com/