Firefox Relay update brings larger attachment sizes and a filter for promotional emails

Firefox Relay by Mozilla is an email forwarding service designed to improve user privacy and reduce spam received by users. Mozilla released an update in March 2022 that increases the attachment size limit and introduces a filter for the service’s promotional content.

Launched in August 20202, Firefox Relay was introduced as a free service available on a website and as a Firefox extension. Users who signed up with a Firefox Account can set up email forwarding for existing email addresses using aliases provided by the service. Emails would go through the Firefox Relay service, which meant that senders would communicate with the Firefox Relay alias address and not the user’s “real” email address.

Mozilla launched Firefox Relay Premium in November 2021. The subscription services unlocked several restrictions from the free plan, including the ability to reply to forwarded emails, use custom email domains, and use unlimited aliases instead. of the 5 offered by the free plan.

The March 2022 Firefox Relay update improves service in key areas. One of the big improvements is increasing the supported attachment size for all plans to 10 megabytes. The previous limit of 150 kilobytes prevented larger attachments from reaching the user’s inbox. 10 megabytes is still less than the usual 20-25 email service attachment limits.

Another new feature introduced in the update is the ability to filter promotional emails. Firefox Relay Premium users can block some or all promotional messages from a site now. The new filter options complement the “none” and “all” options supported by Firefox Relay. MozillaComment Remarks that blocking may not be 100% accurate, as non-promotional emails may be blocked by the service. The organization recommends that important senders not be blocked using the feature, as blocked emails cannot be retrieved. An option to recover blocked emails would probably have been a better option.

Finally, Firefox Relay is now also available as a browser extension for Google Chrome and other Chromium-based browsers. The extension of the service improves its user-friendliness. Users can quickly add Firefox Relay aliases to signup forms and other email forms for use without having to copy and paste addresses manually.

Closing words

The March 2022 improvements benefit both free and premium users. Free users benefit from the increased attachment size, premium users have the additional option of blocking promotional emails.

The service still has a long way to go in terms of features, especially compared to established services such as Simplified connection.

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Firefox Relay update brings larger attachment sizes and a filter for promotional emails

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Firefox Relay update brings larger attachment sizes and a filter for promotional emails

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The latest version of the Firefox Relay email forwarding service supports larger attachment sizes and optional blocking of promotional messages.


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