Philip Stewart, known as “Farmer Phil”, began posting videos on his Youtube channel in 2015 to showcase the reality of everyday farming on his family’s farm in County Longford.

It is now featured in a new report by Youtube who found that the media platform supports over 1,600 jobs in Ireland.

The chain now has nearly 50,000 subscribers and Farmer Phil said that without the audience and consumer base it generated, he would not have been able to meet his goal of starting a farm store to generate additional income.

His videos have been viewed nearly 17 million times and people come from all over the country to visit the farm and shop as a result. The chain’s income has also enabled it to invest in the farming and subcontracting business through the purchase of new machinery.

Farmer Phil on Public Education

Philip used the channel to provide educational benefits with videos to educate people disconnected from farming on farming practices.

He has also given classroom lectures to children on farm safety. During restrictions imposed to contain the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic, Philip received messages from people saying how much they enjoyed the videos during the lockdown.

“It’s amazing the amount of messages and letters I get from kids, parents and grandparents about how my videos bring them together and seeing the younger generation get passionate about farming,” a- he declared.

YouTube report

This week, Youtube launched its first ‘From Opportunity to Impact’ report in Ireland.

Developed in partnership with Oxford Economics, the report assesses the economic, societal and cultural benefits of the world’s most popular video hosting website in Ireland.

youtube farmer phil

About one billion hours of Youtube videos are watched every day around the world.

The report, commissioned by Youtube, found that the platform’s creative ecosystem supports the the equivalent of 1,600 full-time jobs in Ireland in 2020. Oxford Economics also estimated that the total contribution of Youtube Ireland’s creative ecosystem to GDP was € 30 million in 2020.

In addition to measuring the economic impact, the report underscored the value of Youtube as a place of learning, as an amplifier of diverse voices and creative entrepreneurs, and as a source of relevant information during the Covid-19 pandemic.