Europe Future of In-car Marketplace and on-demand features: Voice of the Customer Report 2020-2021 –

DUBLIN – (COMMERCIAL THREAD) – The report “Future of In-car Marketplace and Features on Demand – Europe, Voice of Customer, 2020” has been added to offer.

Although it has disrupted most markets in terms of sales and profitability, the pandemic has set people on fire to create a safer and more convenient environment. The connected auto industry is making the most of the situation with trending use cases that are building the new standard for consumers.

By adapting to the new form of travel, the “Future of In-Car Marketplace and Features on Demand-Europe, Voice of Customer” aims to explore and assess the current use of connected car applications such as the Place de embedded market and features on demand (FoD) among respondents in Europe.

In addition, this study will also focus on the bifurcation of the analysis of customers by type of vehicle segment in different European countries and on the interest and preference of users in terms of “retail products in the market” , “Access to the human-machine interface (HMI) to the market / FoD”, “” FoD attributes “and” User-price elasticity index “.

This research will also examine the most interesting features and use cases in the automotive market and FoD for customers in the future. Data were collected by means of a panel survey in Europe for France, Italy, UK and Germany.

In total, 1,856 decision makers or key influencers in connected car services were surveyed to obtain the results.

Main topics covered:

1. Research objectives and sample structure

  • Research objectives

  • Research methodology

  • European markets within reach

  • Data weighting

2. Growth environment

  • Key points to remember

  • Future customers of the embedded marketplace

  • Key products offered via the on-board marketplace

  • Interest in Automotive Market Products by Car Owned and Demographics

  • Preferred methods of using the on-board marketplace

  • FoD Future Customers

  • Interest in purchasing FoD

  • Price test for selected FoDs

  • FoD Price Elasticity of demand

  • Global interest in the embedded marketplace and FoD

3. Overview of Embedded Market and FoD Market

  • Payment on board and payment preferences

  • Pay on Board – Retail Ecosystem

  • Market ecosystem

  • The future of the automotive market

  • Marketplace – Different definitions but one entity

  • Ideal Connectivity Strategy – 3 Step Approach

  • Changing Expectations On Board – Customer Ecosystem Journey

  • Automotive market applications over the years

  • Automotive IVP Market – Platform and Service Comparison

  • Automotive Market Case Study – GM Marketplace

  • Feature / Function on demand

  • Feature On Demand Case Study – Audi Features On Demand

  • Market Growth Analysis – Investments and Future Opportunities

4. Respondent profile

  • Preferences for engine types

  • Preferred engine type by currently owned engine type

  • Preferred engine type by segment of cars currently owned

5. Embedded marketplace

  • Online buyer profile

  • Internet access in the car’s multimedia system

  • The description of the on-board marketplace was presented to the respondents

  • In addition, exemplary real-life scenarios were presented.

  • Interest in the automotive market

  • Frequency of online purchases and monthly online spending

  • Automotive Market Outlook Profile

  • Current and future online reservations and purchases in the automotive market

  • Future reservations and purchases in the automotive market

  • Typology of purchasing preferences on the embedded marketplace

  • Highest estimate of driver range – TURF analysis

  • Preferred situations for using In-car Marketplace

  • Preferred ways to use the on-board marketplace

  • Preferred on-board marketplace and credit card operators

  • Incentives to share car data with the automaker

  • Reasons for the lack of interest in the automotive market

  • Summary of the results of the on-board marketplace

6. Features on demand

  • The description of on-demand features was shown to respondents

  • Exemplary real-life scenarios presented to respondents

  • Interest and price sensitivity test

  • The prices were presented to respondents as part of a price sensitivity test for the 14 on-demand features

  • Interest in on-demand features

  • Interest for all countries

  • Perception of the concept of on-demand features

  • On-demand features Prospect profile

  • Interest in purchasing FoD

  • FoD Willingness to pay

  • Preferences towards payment methods for FoD

  • Acceptance of the hardware update required for the use of FoD

  • Preferences for the payment and installation process for hardware updates

  • Reasons for the lack of interest in on-demand features

7. Demand characteristics Willingness to pay and price elasticity of demand

  • FoD Price Elasticity of demand

  • Autonomous car mode – Willingness to pay

  • Range extension for EV – Willingness to pay

  • Driving Improvement Modes – Willingness to Pay

  • Automated Valet Parking – Willingness to Pay

  • Wi-Fi hotspot inside the car – Willingness to pay

  • Integrated navigation – Willingness to pay

  • Live traffic and location services – willingness to pay

  • On-board video games – Willingness to pay

  • Driver’s car monitoring – Willingness to pay

  • Smartphone mirroring – Willingness to pay

  • Control via smartphone – Willingness to pay

  • Overeating Capacities – Willingness to Pay

  • Voice assistant – Willingness to pay

  • Digital car key – Willingness to pay

8. Features on demand Income potential

  • Possible 7-year income calculation – Created to better understand the potential of individual FoDs

  • Possible income over 7 years

  • Share of possible income over 7 years by type of payment

  • Share of possible income over 7 years by country

  • Potential On-Demand Features – Summary

9. Growth opportunities

  • Growth Opportunity 1 – Customers’ drive to accelerate acceptance in the automotive market

  • Growth Opportunity 2 – Acceleration of automotive suppliers in the automotive market will drive the future of the on-demand features market

  • Growth Opportunity 3 – Support from IT companies is essential for the futuristic development of automotive technology

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