Esports will add iRacing in the spring

ETSU Esports announced the addition of iRacing to the program on Friday, November 4, which is the fourth game in the esports collection.

As an event sponsored by the National Association of Collegiate Esports (NACE), races will take place beginning in the spring semester.

There will be qualifying rounds, where riders attempt to complete a certain time to move on to other events. There will be approximately three to four races per semester.

“Right now we have an open call for runners, and we’re doing interviews with people. Any student who is academically eligible and eligible under NACE rules will be supported and have access to the competition to try and qualify,” said head coach Jeff Shell.

The layout of iRacing is different from other games offered by the ETSU program. In iRacing, each racer plays as a simulation and uses pedals, a steering wheel and a shifter.

ETSU Esports will partner with Bristol Motor Speedway, which features a state-of-the-art iRacing facility. Qualifying students will compete in the Bristol Motor Speedway suite with professional equipment.

“We are very pleased Bristol Motor Speedway is working with us on this project to help make this possible,” Shell said. “We want to ensure that esports has more of a regional connection, so that students have more opportunities to interact with the program and with ETSU in general.”

The addition of ETSU esports iRacing in conjunction with Bristol Motor Speedway will also focus on cross-promotional content.

“I think this gives us a really unique opportunity for the long-term growth of our regional identity for the program,” Shell said.

If you’re interested in iRacing, visit for contact forms to fill out that will connect students with Head Coach Jeff Shell and Production Coordinator Leigh Nutter.