Energywell licenses Proton technology platform worldwide

energy well deploys its Proton technology platform to energy companies around the world through licensing agreements.

Energywell is exploring licensing opportunities with energy companies in the utility, retail energy, rooftop solar, community solar and demand response segments worldwide .

“The Proton platform was built from the ground up to enable real-time insights and experiences to help businesses and their customers access and use energy more sustainably,” said declared Christian McArthur, co-CEO of Energywell. “Proton’s cloud-native, event-driven architecture uses the latest technologies to ensure our solutions scale to meet our customers’ needs quickly and securely.

Energywell recently signed a multi-year technology licensing and business process outsourcing agreement with Mothership Incubator, a new ERCOT Option 1 retail electricity provider providing white label retail electricity service in Texas.

Michael Fallquist, Director and Co-CEO, said the Proton platform enables energy companies, like Mothership, to offer innovative products and services to differentiate themselves in a crowded marketplace. “With our proprietary app-based customer experience, we’ve seen higher customer satisfaction and engagement, which, in turn, leads to lower cost-to-service and lower customer churn rates.”

Maura YatesCEO of Mothership, added, “The Proton platform allows us to create a true white-label customer experience and product suite tailored to our various brands of electric and consumer cleantech vehicles, big or small. »

Energywell announced a capital commitment of $100 million from funds managed by Oaktree Capital Management and Hartree Partners, the global commodities company, last November.