Does the game support cross-platform functionality?

PGA 2K23 is less than a week away from its scheduled October 14 release date, and fans can’t wait to find out what the developers have up their sleeves. Crossplay is a key feature present on much of the community roster.

So far, developer 2K has revealed several important pieces of information for any potential gamer. Despite the multiplayer game modes, those who want Crossplay will be disappointed. Although official information on this has not been disclosed, PGA 2K23 will not have this feature when the game is released this year.

Crossplay has been a relatively recent development in modern gaming and has grown stronger over the past decade. It allows players of multiplayer games to come together without worrying about the platform they use. It has been a staple of the gaming community, and fans have requested its inclusion in all applicable titles.

2K gave no indication of PGA 2K23 having Crossplay, despite the presence of multiplayer game modes

Crossplay has been a prominent feature of several sports games released in 2022. F1 2022 introduced the mechanic for the first time in the series’ history, and FIFA 23 followed suit. Expectations were high that 2K would do something similar.

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At present, PGA 2K23 getting crossplay seems highly unlikely. The last game in the series didn’t have this feature, and since then 2K hasn’t announced anything that suggests a change. Based on what was shown as part of the trailer and other content, there is no indication that cross-play is being introduced.

Given how mind-blowing this feature would have been, one would have expected it to be added to the game. regarding accessibility. While multiplayer modes will certainly be present, they will be restricted by the platforms of their choice.

While players can choose to play independently, PGA 2K23 will allow them to challenge each other in different game modes. Crossplay would certainly have been much more interesting and would have allowed for more competition between players. With the current system, the competition will certainly be limited as it will be restricted by the platform it is playing on.

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It cannot be ruled out that the game will not get crossplay eventually. F1 2021 and FIFA 22 did not initially have this feature, but it has been selectively tested. Something similar could be done by 2K once the game is released. The developers have already promised post-launch content, so there might be an unannounced surprise as well.

Although the lack of crossplay is a drag, there’s no shortage of excitement and thrill. The game will be released on both console and PC generations, so gamers with different systems can play it.

The 2022 version will retain some of the favorite features from the last game. There will also be additions to the game which include new locations and the return of legendary golfer, Tiger Woods.

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All in all, a lot of content awaits players when the game releases on October 14th. PGA 2K23 is still up for pre-order, and players can get a nice bonus including Michael Jordan as a playable character.

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