Detox after Diwali: After a feast, it’s time to rid your body of toxic or unhealthy substances

Conscious festive indulgence is a big concern today. This is simply because feasting during the holiday season can often cause blood sugar levels to spike due to increased consumption of sugary foods or drinks. A balanced approach with physical activity or a detox diet can help shed those extra pounds.

Fitness expert Meenakshi Mohanty says, “It is imperative to stay well hydrated during the festive season, while practicing proportion control with meals to avoid gorging on junk food or sweets. Light walks and morning yoga are effective in managing health and well-being.

Even the most disciplined people can keep gorging, because a year of hard work can be undone in two weeks of celebration. However, with the increasing prevalence of diabetes and tens of millions of people at pre-diabetes levels, it is crucial to understand how blood sugar control by curbing food cravings and focusing on a healthy lifestyle and a detoxification process can add value to the festivities.

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Dr Arbinder Singal, co-founder and CEO of Fitterfly, a health technology start-up working in digital therapy, says: “Measuring and monitoring the impact of a food or dish that you consume, and how it affects your blood sugar levels, is the key to a joyful life. With digital therapeutics, one can not only get real-time updates on blood sugar levels, but also know what foods should be eaten in moderation and what should be avoided. Holistic diabetes management through DTx monitoring, exercise, eating a balanced diet, and ensuring adequate sleep and hydration are necessary to maintain control.

Healthy detox means sticking to a diet low in sodium, sugar and spices, using only own-brand herbal products combined with a few minutes of pranayam and meditation, says Jhanvi Tulsian, Founder and CEO from health and wellness brand Shistaka, which offers detox teas. made with organic superfoods like giloy, neem and tulsi. “A detox herbal concoction is a combination of organic herbs like giloy, neem, ginger, tulsi and green tea from Himachal Pradesh, Munnar and Nilgiris, which help flush toxins from the body , purify the blood and fight bacterial diseases,” she said. said.

While the body has a natural detoxification system that removes toxins and harmful compounds, detox tea can be ineffective and unnecessary for weight loss and detoxification. Also, shortcuts to weight loss may seem the most effective, but dietitian and nutritionist Anoushkaa Garsa advises against losing weight on detox diets. “Detox drinks or diets are not for everyone. You should never replace your foods with these without consulting an expert. If your body is capable of losing weight naturally, you should always go for this option as it is the natural way,” she says.


  • Cucumber Mint Detox Water: Combined with the antioxidant-rich cucumber, mint can really help boost your body’s metabolism.
  • Lemonade: Being rich in pectin fiber, lemon water is one of the best detox drinks recommended for shedding those extra pounds.
  • Jeera water: Jeera water may be the most basic trick you can adapt to detoxify your body
  • Fruit Infused Tea: Have a tea blend combining berries, blueberries, ginger, orange and mint leaves with chamomile tea


  • Be aware of what you eat: The food we eat has a direct impact on blood sugar
  • Go for portion control: Diwali is incomplete without good food and sweets. Instead of trying to deprive yourself completely, eat less and smaller portions
  • Measure your carb intake: Carbohydrates have the biggest impact on sugar levels. Therefore, knowing the exact carbohydrate intake can help determine the impact on blood sugar. if you take insulin, it can also help to measure the necessary intake