D’Amelio uses his platform to elevate UConn athletics

UConn’s athletic department has top-notch support during its men’s basketball season as well as the upcoming football season. Marc D’Amelio, father of Tik Tok, is UConn’s biggest fan. Most people know D’Amelio as the father of Charli and Dixie D’Amelio, but what they don’t know is that Marc has a college connection.

Charli D’Amelio, 17, is the highest-paid TikTok star of 2021, with $17.5 million, according to Forbes. Her sister Dixie, 20, came second, earning around $10 million. But that’s just a source of income for the sisters, who are also featured on Hulu’s “The D’Amelio Show” and Snapchat’s “Charli vs. Dixie.”

D’Amelio uses his platform to elevate the college’s athletic department.

Marc D’Amelio is an alumnus of the University of Connecticut. He grew up in Connecticut and attended community college before transferring to college. After graduating he immersed himself in life raising his two daughters and building their brand, but after all these years he still wanted to get back to gaming.

“I owe everything to UConn college,” D’Amelio said, explaining how much of a connection he felt to the college during the three years he was there. “Three years of your life pass quickly, except for those [years]. These three years are so impactful because of the many memories.

D’Amelio holds a subscription for Gambel. He expressed his excitement to be back on campus after the COVID-19 pandemic hurt the 2019-20 UConn athletics season. He remembered the teams he grew up watching and was delighted to see a connection to today’s teams.

“This year, to see us play those teams, this team reminds me of some of those teams that we grew up with. We’re going back to where we were,” said d’Amelio.

One of the ways teams at the University of Connecticut come back starts with coaching. The football team hired Jim Mora, who worked at major colleges as well as in the NFL. D’Amelio is one of many people who are excited about Mora and what he can do for the team.

“We grew up being the hated teams, going to Conn we were an underdog.” said d’Amelio. “We have proven time and time again that we work hard and (with) the right coaches that great things happen.”

D’Amelio knew Coach Mora through NFL and UCLA games, but had the opportunity to chat with him when Mora contacted him on Twitter. Like rookies, fans and other alumni, D’Amelio is most excited about the energy Mora brings to the team and the university.

“What’s most exciting is his social media presence and his ability to connect with athletes and fans,” D’Amelio said. “Mora’s energy is incredible. You get the impression that the man works 24 hours a day. He was very approachable.

Now D’Amelio mixes his love of his University of Connecticut roots and social media to energize the athletics program. He wants to revitalize the program without his family notoriety hindering the message he wants to convey.

“I want to use my platform to educate people and connect with other fans and other people who may not be familiar with UConn,” D’Amelio said. “With my platform, we can make a lot of noise and help the athletic department.”