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The market for 3D coordinate measuring machines presents a

The global 3D coordinate measuring machines market presents driving factors and future opportunities for vendors. soon. Apart from this, the report examines major market developments such as product launches, deals, acquisitions, partnerships, mergers, etc. In order to understand the current market dynamics and their effects over the forecast period 2021-2027. The study also includes a […]

Inside Track: shedding light on hidden issues

Missy Weismann’s experience as a Law Enforcement Research and Intelligence Analyst has helped the people of Kent County see and solve a significant criminal problem that too often goes underground. This problem is human trafficking. Federal government defines trafficking in persons as the “recruitment, transport, transfer or harboring” of individuals with or without consent “through […]

M&M reports first quarter profit of 424

Mahindra & Mahindra reported profit of 424 crore for the first quarter ended June 30, compared to a loss of 49 crore for the corresponding period last year. The company had reported a profit of 1,513 crore in the fourth quarter ended March 31. The consolidated net profit of the company was affected by the […]

Investigate how noise affects sleep and human health

Sleeping safe is one of the most basic human needs for staying fit and maintaining bodily functions. How does hearing environmental sounds influence the quality of our sleep? Assistant Professor Junta Tagusari from the Laboratory of Regional Environmental Problems, Graduate School of Engineering, is studying the best method to measure noise and how it affects […]

Air pollution is hurting people in developing countries at an alarming rate. A climate school project wants to help.

DW: Several years ago, I volunteered to serve as the State Department’s Air Quality Fellow and was posted to a post in Kinshasa, DRC. Since then, I have learned more and more about the problem of air pollution in countries of the South (especially in Africa) and I have become more involved in research in […]

Review assesses evidence of intensifying water cycle in Indian Ocean

Co-author Sujata Murty collects pieces of coral coral during the underwater drilling process. Credit: Justin Ossolinski The Indian Ocean has been much warmer than other basins over the past 50 to 60 years. Temperature changes throughout the basin can be clearly attributed to human-induced climate change, but modern changes in heat and freshwater in the […]

2021 Global Ostomy Measuring Devices Market Industry Analysis – NeighborWebSJ

This report also studies and assesses the impact of the Covid-19 outbreak on the Ostomy Device industry, involving potential opportunities and challenges, drivers and risks. We present the impact assessment of the effects of Covid-19 on the Ostomy Measuring Device and market growth forecast based on different scenarios (optimistic, pessimistic, very optimistic, very likely, etc.). […]

Carbon market faces slow progression to success in China

A cooling tower and chimneys are seen at a thermal power plant on a polluted day in Beijing, China, November 3, 2018. HONG KONG, July 19 (Reuters Breakingviews) – China’s new carbon market on the surface seems too full of holes. The world’s largest emissions trading system began on Friday with more of a fizz […]

“Chilling effect”? Financial professionals diverge on possible outcomes of Biden’s call to curb mergers and acquisitions

In fact, LaBine has said that in the short term, he expects companies to continue with merger activity out of caution, as the Biden administration could get heavier in the future. “You might see some acceleration (in M&A activity) in the near term,” LaBine said. “Longer term, additional planning for navigation and additional speed bumps, […]

Apple’s new iPhone feature is a triumphant success

Apple’s recently launched iPhone privacy feature, App Tracking Transparency (ATT) turns out to be a triumphant success, that is, if you care about privacy. PUBLICITY According to a recent Bloomberg article, the ATT of iOS 14.5, as expected, has really hurt the tastes of Facebook and its advertisers. In fact, the latest figures from Branch, […]

Nayax acquires Weezmo to drive CX

Nayax Ltd. (TASE: NYAX), the leading provider of cashless solutions, today announced the acquisition of Weezmo, a technology start-up focused on connecting the online customer journey with in-store purchases, driving a better customer experience and increased sales for traders. With the help of Weezmo technology, businesses can tie their online marketing efforts to physical point-of-sale […]

Pivot Respiration Sensor Receives Extended Usage Indications

REDWOOD CITY, Calif., July 12, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Carrot Inc., a digital health company committed to helping people quit smoking, today announced that its pivoting carbon monoxide respiratory sensor has received expanded indications for use in a new 510k clearance by the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) based on published clinical trial data. As […]

Results of the Muon g-2 experiment – Deep implications for the history of the Universe

Looking at a row of magnets leading to the particle storage ring of Fermilab’s Muon g-2 experiment. The results prompted theoretical physicists around the world to frantically work on ideas for explanations. Credit: photo by Cindy Arnold / Fermi Lab The experiment opens a field for new physics, say scientists at Fermilab, UChicago. The news […]

Global Test and Measurement Equipment Market 2021-2027 Industry research covers major players such as Keysight, Anritsu, Tektronix, Rohde & Schwarz, Ametek,

The selective research report entitled Global Test and Measurement Equipment Market Research Report 2021-2027 assesses dynamic factors, determinants of growth as well as segment classification information. This versatile report provides information on segment classification, the document reflects an in-depth understanding of competitive positioning, global, local and regional developments, financial outlook, as well as supply chain […]

Reactions to the ECB Strategy Review

LONDON (Reuters) – The European Central Bank set a new inflation target on Thursday after it revised its 18-month strategy, hoping to bolster its credibility after underestimating its current target for nearly a decade. FILE PHOTO: A customer pays with a euro banknote at a market in Nice, France, April 3, 2019. REUTERS / Eric […]

QUOTES-Reactions to the ECB Strategy Review

LONDON, July 8 (Reuters) – The European Central Bank set a new inflation target on Thursday after its strategy revised to 18 months, hoping to bolster its credibility after underestimating its current target for nearly a decade . He said he would also further integrate climate change considerations into his monetary policy, the latest in […]

Sounding Board to highlight the challenges of L&D and

FOSTER CITY, Calif., July 08, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – DETAILS: Although the world is starting to emerge from the pandemic, the experience of the past year and a half is not yet over. With social distancing policies and work-from-home initiatives set to continue for some time, the ripple effects of the general upheaval have created […]

Anatomy of an Air Strike – World

introduction In support of the Irish Government’s “Political Declaration on Strengthening the Protection of Civilians from the Humanitarian Consequences that May Arise from the Wide Area Use of Explosive Weapons in Populated Areas”, Action on Armed Violence (AOAV) produced five reports examining the impacts of manufactured weapons with wide area effects commonly used in populated […]

Security awareness training is discontinued. Human risk management (HRM) is the solution

Humans are an organization’s best defense against evolving cyber threats, but security awareness training alone is often not enough to transform user behavior. In this guide, usecure examines why Human Risk Management (HRM) is the new solution to building a safety-savvy workforce. Don’t be fooled … Companies are investing more than ever in strengthening their […]