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Public procurement requires a new look at value

© Irstone Simon Payne, Client Director at Proxima, discusses the challenges public sector procurement teams face and how they can deliver social value Over the past two decades, public sector procurement has been very focused on value for money, or VFM, as it has been commonly referred to since Gershon 2003/4.The review and, as such, […]

Define and measure the social legacies of sporting events

The Organizing Committee for the Summer Olympics in Tokyo has implemented various initiatives for the Games, trying to use them as “a springboard to advance the city’s heritage and enrich the lives of its inhabitants for years to come ”. The goal of these initiatives is the creation of tangible and intangible legacies. Unfortunately, the […]

How iOS 14’s Privacy Change Affects Small Businesses

Opinions expressed by Contractor the contributors are theirs. You are reading Entrepreneur United States, an international Entrepreneur Media franchise. Last spring, Apple introduced the AppTracking Transparency framework. Now, different companies need to provide information on how their app collects and uses consumer data. The user will then be able to decide whether they want this […]

Job evaluation tests can carry significant liability

Job reviews have recently proven to be a significant source of risk for employers, especially when they can create a disparate impact on a protected category. This was demonstrated recently when an employer struck a $ 1.35 million settlement with a female candidate. This lawsuit was based on a hiring assessment requiring applicants to lift […]

Panametrics’ torch control and digital verification platform available to upstream operators

Panametrics, a Baker Hughes company, has announced a new feature that means its torch control and digital verification platform, flare.IQ, is now available to upstream operators for the first time. flare.IQ was originally launched in 2017 to support downstream oil and gas operations, but this new feature allows upstream operators to better understand their flare […]

GAA does not provide energy saving effects in broilers

Under experimental conditions, guanidino acetic acid (GAA) has been shown to provide no energy saving value in the feed. This article will deepen the study and the surprising results. What do we know about guanidino acetic acid (GAA) and its impact on energy metabolism? GAA is synthesized in the kidney using glycine and arginine. Then, […]

ITC Event: From Competition to Collaboration in Sustainability Standards | News | SDG Knowledge Center

We need more collaboration to achieve sustainability goals in global supply chains. This was one of the key messages speakers emphasized in a hybrid session on the role and evolution of voluntary sustainability standards (NSVs) as tools to build a greener global trading system and more sustainable. The event was hosted by the International Trade […]

The world arrives in Leeds for a breathtaking artistic spectacle

The whole world will be lit up in Leeds next month when Light Night brings to the city a stunning, illuminated recreation of planet Earth. Gaia, created by artist Luke Jerram, has captivated audiences around the world and will be one of the most compelling visual pieces in this year’s spectacular cultural showcase on October […]

Critical Moments and Results-Based Management Thinking

Results-based management guides all management activities towards the ultimate achievement of the results defined at the base The main objective of this short essay is to explore the basic concepts and approaches of the results-based management system (RBM). I also want to discuss its uses in development results, the challenges of results-based management systems, and […]

For campus ‘porosity hunters’, climate resilience is the goal | MIT News

At MIT, it’s not uncommon to see groups navigating campus with smartphones and measuring devices in hand, using the Institute as a testing ground for research. For a week this summer, more than a dozen students, researchers and professors, along with an altimeter, could be seen doing just that as they walked through MIT to […]