Benzinga poll: Netflix, Disney+, Hulu or HBO Max – Which streaming platform offers the best shows?

As the streaming market continues to evolve, consumers must decide which services are worth a monthly subscription. This has led to talk of a saturation point in the US streaming market and some people ending their subscriptions with some of the biggest companies.

What happened: Streaming giant Netflix Inc. NFLX recently announced its first quarterly subscriber loss in over a decade. The company remains the world leader with 221.6 million subscribers, but posted a loss of 200,000 in the first quarter. Netflix also expects to lose another two million subscribers in the second quarter.

HBO Max, which is a streaming platform of Discovery of Warner Bros. WBD recorded a gain in the last quarter with a total of 76.8 million subscribers worldwide for HBO and HBO Max and 46.8 million subscribers in the United States

Disney+ ended the first quarter with 129.8 million subscribers, up 37% year-over-year. Hulu ended the first quarter with 45.3 million subscribers. Disney+ belongs to Walt Disney Co. SAY the media giant also owning a majority stake in Hulu.

A new report shows usage of the streaming platform hit 30% of U.S. viewers in March, the highest level in 11 months that Nielsen has measured viewing habits for streaming and cable platforms.

Nielsen said Netflix was the market share leader for TV usage among streaming operators, followed by YouTube.

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Survey of Benzinga users: Declining Netflix subscribers and the latest subscriber statistics led to a recent user survey by Benzinga on the company.s Twitter Inc. TWTR Account.

Benzinga asked his Twitter followers “Which streaming service has the best shows right now?”

Possible answers were HBO Max, Netflix, Hulu and Disney+.

Here is an overview of the results of the Benzinga user survey:

  • HBO Max: 39.9%
  • Netflix: 33.1%
  • Disney+: 16.1%
  • Hulu: 10.9%

Several users chose YouTube as their preferred candidate. YouTube belongs to Alphabet Inc. GOOGGOOGL.

Other streaming companies mentioned in chat included Red Box Entertainment RDBX, Cinedigm Corp CIDMESPN+ and outside network.

Disney is expected to release its second quarter results on May 11, which could provide a deeper insight into how the streaming market is changing.

The poll results could line up with praise from HBO Max for its shows and the release of blockbuster movies on the platform.