Bartlett project to reduce the environmental impact of wheat production

Bartlett, a Savage Company announced this week the launch of a new sustainability project to reduce the environmental impacts of Kansas wheat production, in partnership with Field to Market: The Alliance for Sustainable Agriculture. The Bartlett Kansas Hard Red Winter Wheat Project will help fight climate change by spurring innovation in agricultural practices to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and improve soil conservation.

“We are excited to be working with our customers and partners to improve on-farm environmental outcomes while increasing overall sustainability in the milling and baking supply chains,” said Bartlett President Bob Knief. “We are firmly committed to continuous improvement and look forward to engaging and supporting Kansas wheat growers in measuring and optimizing their sustainability performance. “

Working with Kansas wheat growers and other stakeholders, Bartlett will help establish a credible baseline of current farming practices and environmental impacts, and implement strategies to improve sustainability. The results will be compared to traditional farming practices and project objectives, with support from the Field to Market Continuous Improvement Accelerator.

“We are uniquely positioned within the supply chain where we directly reach the producer and the end user,” said Bartlett vice president Trey Sebus. “We have had great success with current sustainability initiatives, and we will build on those efforts through this new project to help make wheat production more sustainable. “

Bartlett’s commitment to sustainability also includes plans announced in October to build and operate a $ 325 million soybean crushing plant in Montgomery County. The facility will produce soybean meal and refined soybean oil, raw materials used for renewable fuels, food and feed.

Founded in 1907, Bartlett joined the Savage family of companies in 2018. Its diverse agribusiness focuses on the acquisition, storage, transportation, processing and marketing of grain, and the company is one of major US grain exporters to Mexico. Bartlett supplies all classes of wheat, feed grains, food grade corn and soybeans to millers and processors and produces a full line of patented commercial flours and animal feeds.

They have a facility between Great Bend and Ellinwood.