Apple’s new ad for the Apple Watch Series 7 is terrifying

Apple launched an advertisement intense enough to inflate the new Apple Watch Series 7 with LTE. I have to admit that the first time I saw him I was almost speechless, my mouth slightly parted. The first thing I managed to think of seconds later was, “Well, that was very disturbing. “

The commercial, that the company released on January 1st, opens with a 911 operator asking the person on the call how urgent it is. It then features three calls, with ominous music playing in the background, from people who have used their Apple Watch to contact emergency services when they got into trouble. One person was in a car accident, another was pushed out to sea while paddle boarding, and a third broke her leg while on the farm.

It looks like these are real 911 calls, but we’ve reached out to Apple to confirm. We had not had a response from the company at the time of posting, but we’ll make sure to update this article if anyone responds to us.

The calls become very intense. The person who had the car accident tells the driver that there is water in their car and they cannot get out. At one point, the person says that the water “reaches my neck”. On another call, the person who got stuck on a paddle board said she “couldn’t find the wind anymore”. Meanwhile, the injured person on his farm tells the operator to “please hurry” because he is in so much pain.

I get anxious at this point, and this ad only lasts a little over a minute. Apple is anticipating this, I think, and gets right to the point.

“With the help of their watch, Jason, Jim and Amanda were rescued within minutes,” Apple said at the end of the commercial.

Ah, the relief. But it was a stressful minute (actually several minutes, since I had to watch it several times to write this article).

If these calls are real, I am so happy that these poor people received the help they needed. In fact, even though they are not real, they demonstrate a key functionality of Apple Watches in an emergency. However, I wonder: was there really no other way to try to sell Series 7 on a cell phone than by trying to scare people into buying it? I mean, they could have easily made the same point and used the phone calls without being all gloomy and threatening. For example, they could have changed the music.

I say that as the proud owner of the 7 Series. Heck, I love the thing and its big screen. While calling 911 from my Apple Watch, a feature devices have had for years, isn’t necessarily the first thing I think about in an emergency, I’m glad there are ads like these remind me of that very useful aptitude.

But we already live in a world full of anxiety and fear, and we don’t need more promotional content in that vein any more. It’s really strange – and again, disturbing– for Apple to try to harness those emotions to sell more Series 7 devices with LTE, especially when it isn’t needed.

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