ANALYSIS: Yes, some companies measure IED well

Today Bloomberg Law is releasing the results of our first DEI framework, a list of law firms that meet or exceed a set threshold for diversity, equity and inclusion in their practice. Join us at 1:00 p.m. EDT on LinkedIn to see a live stream of the companies on the list and a discussion of the overall results.

Over 30 law firms have submitted data for potential inclusion on our DCI framework list. Many of them have already adopted better than average diversity practices (based on publicly available industry data) and have the overall demographics to show for it. However, we know that diversity within the organization is not quite enough, especially if all lawyers from traditionally under-represented groups hang out only at the associate level.

It is important to have policies in place – and reliable measures to enforce them – that help various lawyers become partners, lead practice groups, and ultimately influence the direction of the firm.

In the DCI Framework Questionnaire, we asked whether firms require minority lawyers and women to have equal access to clients, quality work assignments, committee appointments, marketing efforts and firm events. , and whether they are monitoring their progress on those fronts. Of the companies on the DCI framework list, two-thirds mandate and supervise in this way, compared to only half of the companies that are not on the list.

We also asked if companies follow several specific measures that have an impact on the diversity of subjects. Companies that were on the list reported that they follow these metrics much more often than companies that were not on the list.

This does not mean that the companies on our list can guarantee that their DCI initiatives are 100% successful. But they at least measure their progress – and things that get measured get attention, and things that get attention tend to get better.

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