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The Armed Forces of the Republic of Albania have started recruiting professional soldiers and sailors, Defense Minister Niko Peleshi said on Monday.

The news was made public by Peleshi via a Facebook post, where he points out that the conditions of treatment and pay in these positions are like never before.

“The armed forces have started recruiting professional soldiers / sailors, offering payment terms and treatment like never before. Take a look at the criteria, ”Minister Peleshi wrote on Facebook.

How an active / seafarer is recruited into the Armed Forces:
In the conditions of greater professionalism of the Armed Forces and a growing commitment to fulfill the tasks of defending the country and in the interest of the Alliance, the recruitment of soldiers with the highest possible profile is essential for the Armed Forces. The armies of NATO countries pay great attention to this problem, in particular to the instruments of their selection and motivation. The recruitment of soldiers / sailors has a significant impact on the future of the Armed Forces. For this reason, it is necessary to recruit citizens with a quality profile, physically and healthyly capable and with a high cultural level. Such a thing can be achieved through the perfection of the selection and motivation system.

Recruitment to become an active soldier / sailor in the armed forces should provide equal opportunities to all Albanian citizens in non-discrimination based on race, ethnicity, color, sex, religion, location residence, as well as salary, benefits and other compensation, depending on the particularities of military service.

The procedures for selecting soldiers / sailors will be transparent and documented. To increase transparency, the procedures, criteria, guidelines, test regulations and the final list of test results will be published on the official website of the armed forces and how to conduct testing and evaluation through the system automated will be improved.

To start the recruitment process, the interested person must meet a set of criteria and documents. Citizens who wish to apply for Soldiers / Sailors on active duty in the armed forces should apply directly to the Admissions Office of the Personnel Recruitment Center, which follows the testing and selection procedures with applicants deemed medically fit.

The application form for soldiers / sailors active in the armed forces and the documents required by the applicant are the application form and the admission form (year 2018).
Physical preparation test of citizens for admission to the armed forces (Annex A, year 2018)
codes according to specialties (Anex B, year 2018),
self-declaration form of state of health (annex C, year 2018)

The document “Procedures and criteria for recruiting active soldiers / sailors in the Armed Forces” was approved by the Minister of Defense: Instruction n. 9 of 12/31/2018 and defines the principles, objectives, standards, responsibilities, procedures and implementation of the recruitment criteria for active soldiers / sailors.

General recruitment criteria for active soldiers / sailors
To be recruited into the Armed Forces as a soldier / sailor, Albanian citizens must meet the following criteria:
– be an Albanian citizen;
– not to have been convicted by a court for criminal offenses;
– not to be prosecuted;
– not to be the subject of a criminal trial before the court;
– have a pure moral figure;
– not have any eviction problems;
– not have drug and alcohol problems;
– not to be suspect, undesirable, identified and implicated by the police for illegal or criminal activities;
– the minimum recruitment age is 18 years. At the time of enlistment, active soldier / seafarer must not have reached the age of 27 years. The exceptions apply only to citizens who will carry the title of active soldier / seafarer, who will be part of the medical personnel of the Armed Forces and who, at the time of enlistment, must not have reached the age of 32 years;
– have completed pre-university or higher studies in the country or abroad;
– have a height greater than 165 cm for men and greater than 160 cm for women;
– be declared the winner at the end of the competition;
– to have carried out the health examination and to have been declared fit for combatant / active seaman by the Military Medical Commission.
– went smoothly during the security status check carried out by the responsible structures.
Soldier / Marine application procedure
a) Citizens wishing to serve in the Armed Forces as active soldiers / sailors, will apply directly to the Personnel Recruitment Center.
b) Applicants complete
application form (download the application form) and
acceptance form (download the acceptance form) of the documentation and receive notification of the necessary documents, recruitment quotas, specialties, areas of recruitment, deadline for submission to the Recruitment Center for the remainder of the admission process, tests and selection etc.
c) The test procedures, criteria, rules (physical tests, intellectual tests, psychological tests) are made public on the website of the Ministry of Defense, at least 150 days before the start date of the Basic Individual Training .
Registration of candidates, necessary documentation:
The documentation that will be submitted by applicants during the registration phase is:
– written request, in which the identity of the applicant is submitted, family status (married, single), the reasons for wanting to become an active soldier / sailor, no less than two options for the unit or room in which he would like to serve. Skills, professional experience, trends in certain areas, (application form);
– photocopy of the identity card;
– family certificate, 1 piece, which is generated online by QPR in cooperation with DMBNJ & SH, on the government portal e-albania, according to the legal acts in force;
– two photographs measuring 4 × 6 cm and two photographs measuring 9 × 12 cm;
– photocopy of the notarized pre-university education diploma and the state maturity certificate certified by the regional directorate of education or notarized higher education;
– diploma, proof, certificate of professional competence (if applicable), driving, knowledge of foreign languages, notarized;
– medical report issued by the medico-legal commission (KML) of the health center of the candidate’s home accompanied by a report or a certificate from the family doctor attesting that the candidate is in good health, has no illness infectious disease and mental health in her personal life story.
– medical examinations of infectious agents (Hepatitis B, Hepatitis C, HIV / AIDS, Syphilis) and of the blood group issued by the National Blood Transfusion Center and / or the blood banks or the Public Health Departments of the municipalities where they reside .
– at the time of application, at the admissions office of the Personnel Recruitment Center, applicants must complete the Soldier / Active Seaman application form and the Self-Declaration of Health Form (Annex C ), attached to this instruction.
Documentation to be submitted by qualified candidates at the end of the tests.
If the candidate is declared a winner within 2 (two) weeks, he must bring to QPR the following documents:
– Criminal record;
– attestation from the public prosecutor;
– judicial certificate;
– medical report issued by the Military Forensic Commission of the Military Medicine Unit, at the end of the examinations.

The Staff Recruitment Center, in cooperation with the structures that have access to the e-albania portal, should provide the documentation, which can be downloaded online through the “e-albania” government portal, in accordance with the legal acts and regulations in force. force. Applicants must provide the required documentation in cases where, for technical reasons, it cannot be downloaded through the portal.
The Personnel Recruitment Center follows the testing and selection procedures only with applicants who have submitted documentation in accordance with letter “a”.