Airbus will host the Mynaric Lasercom demonstration on the ISS Bartolomeo platform

Artist’s rendition of the Bartolomeo platform on the International Space Station. Photo: Airbus

A new agreement between mynaric and Airbus US Space & Defense will test Mynaric’s laser communication terminal on the International Space Station.

Mynaric will be a customer of the Bartolomeo platform operated by Airbus, a payload hosting facility attached to the Columbus laboratory of the European Space Agency (ESA). Mynaric plans to exploit its Condor Mk2 Optical Communications Terminal to demonstrate how the product operates in Low Earth Orbit (LEO) and demonstrate a range of mission scenarios.

Under the deal announced Thursday, the Condor terminal is expected to be part of the ISS resupply mission in fall 2022. Financial terms of the deal were not disclosed.

Mynaric said positioning on the facility will give the terminal a clear view of Earth and space for a rigorous testing regime to build an operational legacy in space.

“Using the Bartolomeo platform to host our solution, we plan to showcase and ultimately offer our customers an expanded range of demonstration and experimentation mission scenarios,” said Tim Deaver, vice president of strategic solutions at Mynaric. “This experience will help them further explore the utility of our products, refine and accelerate various deployment strategies for broader laser communication technology, and build our operational heritage in space.”

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