Pictured (left to right): Matthew Barsing, Chief Investment Officer, Gecko Digital; and Mike Creed, Founder and CEO, Aerospace Solutions

The global pandemic has accelerated the need for greater digital promotion of aircraft for sale / charter before real physical interaction between potential buyers and sellers of aircraft is required. “

– Founder and CEO of Gecko Digital, James South

SUBANG, MALAYSIA, November 26, 2021 / – Aerospace solutions Sdn Bhd Group founder and CEO Mike Creed has demonstrated his long-term vision by using affordable 360-degree virtual reality promotional tours to improve exclusive aircraft sales. After long researching this solution on a global scale, Creed finally found the right fit when Agnes Yeow – Fournier, founder and CEO of ESSOR Aerospace, introduced him to Digital gecko.

Gecko Digital is a leading global multimedia provider, delivering the highest quality 360 degree HD virtual reality promotional videography and creative content developed for sophisticated web marketing. Gecko Digital’s unique solutions provide a fascinating, interactive and immersive experience. The company sets itself apart from other digital media providers by offering a variety of specialized features and exciting new technologies, ranging from its innovative virtual reality exposure to engaging videos and bespoke online marketing campaigns that deliver content to customers. to the public it deserves.

A 360-degree virtual reality airplane tour is a simulated guided tour of a real airplane (both interior and exterior), typically made up of a sequence of videos and still images put together. With immersive 360-degree virtual reality tours of planes for sale and / or charter, prospects only need to explore the plane digitally in order to focus on a few select planes before having to physically visit them. This minimizes the physical interaction between sellers and prospects, while reducing costs and travel time for sellers and buyers.

Aerospace Solutions and Gecko Digital have entered into a collaboration to deliver 360 degree virtual reality promotional tours to the global aviation market at the 2021 Selangor Aviation Show, which will take place November 25-27, 2021 at the Skypark Regional Aviation Center (RAC) , Subang Malaysia. This collaboration is supported by ESSOR Aéronautique.

Gecko Digital Founder and CEO James South said: “The global pandemic has accelerated the need for greater digital promotion of planes for sale or charter before actual physical interaction between potential buyers and sellers. aircraft is required. The Selangor Aviation Show 2021 is therefore a very timely opportunity to present our affordable 360 ​​degree virtual reality tour solution to the global aviation market.

Mike Creed, Group Founder and CEO, Aerospace Solutions, commented: “The collaboration with Gecko Digital and ESSOR Aerospace will provide the ideal platform to add value to Aerospace Solutions’ aircraft sales process between buyer. and the seller, because the new virtual reality will add unique new technology to the old traditional marketing processes, providing a 360 ° digital virtual visualization of the aircraft for sale.


Notes to editor:

About Gecko Digital
Gecko Digital is a pioneering digital marketing and virtual tour agency and the leading virtual reality agency in Asia with more than 500 active clients in 6 countries, in partnership with the biggest hotel and corporate brands. In addition to Gecko Digital’s wide range of HD360 VR content, Gecko Digital also creates stunning commercial videos, photographs and creative branding for sophisticated marketing campaigns.

Gecko Digital has seen great traction since 2015, its revenue growing almost 100% year over year with an average gross margin of 58%.

Gecko Digital currently has a pipeline of over 8 minutes MYR as it enters the COVID-19 recovery period.

About Sdn Bhd Aerospace Solutions
Aerospace Solutions Sdn Bhd is an independent and tailor-made Malaysian company comprised of an international team of aerospace and aviation specialists with over 120 years of combined experience in the segments of business aviation, general aviation, sport flying and drones. Aerospace Solutions also has a close relationship with its sister company in the UK, Aerospace Investment Co Ltd, since 2006. Here are some of the company’s services:
• Aerospace / aviation investment projects
• Sale and / or acquisition of aircraft with unique performances
• Corporate business doctor with aerospace / aeronautic companies in commercial and financial difficulty
• EMS helicopter (HEMS) and Medivac fixed-wing operations
• Drones inferior and superior to 20Kgs
• Charter – Helicopter and fixed wing
• Aircraft management
• Advice
Mike Creed, Founder and CEO of Aerospace Solutions Group has decades of aviation and aerospace experience globally. He is competent in negotiation, operations management, aeronautical maintenance, airworthiness and airport management. He is a very good aviation business development professional. Mike is also a fixed-wing aircraft and helicopter pilot.

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