Ad agency apologizes for promo video

Intersect Design Factory has apologized for a controversial video posted on Lazada 5.5 promotions featuring two women, including one in a wheelchair, as part of a promotion for the e-commerce platform.

Chief executive Thitahnun Lhaoweerarpuch said in a statement late Thursday that Lazada hired the company to produce promotional videos, and one featured an inappropriate storyline that hurt some viewers’ feelings.

The agency was extremely sorry and apologized to the company and Lazada and took full responsibility, she said. Intersect Design had no intention of making fun of anyone’s behavior or physical condition.

In the 82-second video, two women discussed product discounts available through the Lazada platform.

One of the two was in a wheelchair and was wearing traditional Thai clothing and ornaments. The one standing angrily accused the one sitting of taking her blouse and said she should buy discounted clothes from the online platform instead.

The standing woman says she will hit the other woman first, as a punishment, because she can’t get up. The seated person suddenly gets up from the wheelchair saying they can stand and laughs.

Lazada said in a statement that he was “aware of the content posted by KOL Nara. Intersect Company, which worked with KOL on creating content for this post, issued an apology to the public and to Lazada, taking responsibility inappropriate content.

“Lazada does not condone any content that makes fun of others, including people with disabilities. This is absolutely unacceptable and a serious violation of Lazada’s values ​​of being respectful and inclusive,” he said.