Academic Success Coordinators play an important role in student success

When Stefan Brune was accepted to Colorado State University, one of the first emails he received was from his academic advisor.

Brune – a Navy veteran specializing in forest and range stewardship, with a focus in forest management – said he had heard others talk about the challenges of making the transition from military to university life . However, he said his advisor’s first contact ignited a relationship that had helped him navigate CSU.

“It’s been really critical to my success,” said Brune, who is in her third year at CSU. “The knowledge that counselors bring to individual students like me are extremely essential in helping us carry out our study plans. “

At CSU, Academic Success Coordinators and Counselors play an important role in empowering students to create and achieve their personal and educational goals.

According to CSU management, the board has a positive impact on retention and graduation rates through innovative programs and services, an area the University has relied on in recent years.

“Right now, we retain about 85% of our first through second year students,” said Provost and Executive Vice President Mary Pedersen. “This means that we are losing 15% who do not come back next year. We have to understand why they are leaving. There are many reasons, including personal, medical, financial, and other reasons. The more we understand what the issues are, the more we can work to resolve them and help students stay on track and graduate.