5 dream cross-promotion matches for Finn Balor

Prior to joining WWE, Finn Balor enjoyed a very successful career with the NJPW. He had an argument with some of the biggest stars in society and was one of the founding members of the Bullet Club.

At the time, Balor rubbed shoulders with a number of newcomers, who became key members of AEW.

That leaves him with a plethora of promotional opponents crossed if he were ever to leave WWE. Although he seems satisfied at the moment, the Irishman may well be drawn to the prospect of taking on a different challenge when his contract expires.

That being said, here is the ranking of the top five cross-promotion matches for Finn Balor:

# 5. Finn Balor vs. Ryusuke Taguchi

In NJPW, Finn Balor and Ryusuke Taguchi were a successful unit together, winning the IWGP Junior Heavyweight Tag Team Championship four times. Balor eventually turned on Taguchi and formed the Bullet Club. The current WWE superstar even beat Taguchi in his last NJPW match.

However, things have turned out very differently for the two since they last met. Balor became a big star in WWE and was the first person to hold the Universal Championship. Taguchi, on the other hand, remained in the junior heavyweight division of the NJPW. Even though he’s a respected member of the roster, he hasn’t been as successful as his former tag team partner.

With a story centered on jealousy and resentment, Balor and Taguchi would no doubt steal the show if they were to get a rematch.

# 4. Finn Balor vs. Jay White

While they were once one of the most prominent groups in professional wrestling, the Bullet Club is now a shadow of themselves. While frontman Jay White is a talented performer in his own right, the rest of the faction is seriously lacking in star power.

Over the years, the Bullet Club has lost a number of its top stars to WWE and AEW. Replenishing the talent pool was not a problem initially, but they are long past the point of no return. A dream match between Finn Balor and Jay White would revolve around the Irishman attempting to regain control and restore the group to its former glory.

Even though this is a reduced force, the audience still cares enough about the Bullet Club to make the story work. Balor and White have the chops needed to make this a lasting memory.

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