365 Connect Introduces Fully Automated Rental Platform to Multifamily Housing Industry at Apartmentalize in San Diego

NEW ORLEANS, June 22, 2022 /PRNewswire/ — 365 Login, the leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing and resident services platforms for the multifamily housing industry, today announced the launch of its automated leasing platform. Designed to streamline the conversion of prospects to residents, the solution creates rental documents, obtains signatures and collects payments without any intervention from on-site staff or centralized rental teams.

Providing a suite of automated technology solutions for multi-family housing communities across the country, this self-service tool modernizes a currently broken process, allowing tenants to execute a lease in real time, just as most financial commitments are filled today. The platform was created to handle the complexities of filling out lease fields to eliminate manual data entry, human error, and redundant tasks.

“The world has changed dramatically, and its effects are being felt in every business and industry imaginable,” explained Kerry W. KirbyCEO of 365 Login. “Renting teams are dispersed and finding qualified personnel is even more difficult in today’s market. Our goal was to not only address the labor shortage, but also to transform the entire leasing process to meet the expectations of today’s tenant.”

Rethinking how tenants navigate the application and rental process, 365 Login added transparent layers across critical transactional components, enabling communities to speed up the rental process. Integration is streamlined with identity verification, electronic signatures and document storage. Using guided information collected during the application process, a ready-to-sign lease is created for digital delivery. Costs are displayed along the way, including additional fees, the process of which then allows for secure payment of all fees upon signing the lease.

James W. Lancasterproduct manager of 365 Loginadded, “We designed this product by listening to our customers, tracking tenant demographic trends, and looking outside of our industry to learn how other companies are automating documents. Our goal was to focus on workflows. work a prospect faces, from applying to signing a lease and removing as many roadblocks as possible We have some exciting additions to this solution that we will be adding as we envision the leasing process becoming more streamlined and portable to other platforms.

The 365 Connect team will demonstrate their automated rental platform throughout the event. Participants are invited to the Set up the exhibition hall at stand 3031 to learn how multi-family communities across the country can harness the power of intelligent automation.

ABOUT 365 CONNECT: 365 Login is the leading provider of award-winning marketing, leasing and resident services platforms for the multifamily housing industry. Founded in 2003 with an unwavering commitment to providing an integrated suite of comprehensive technology solutions, 365 Login enables property managers to speed up conversions, simplify transactions and improve services. Learn 365 Login leverages its legacy of continuous innovation to solve tomorrow’s challenges today at www.365connect.com

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