2022 Benchmarks for Promotional Review for Life Sciences. Is it time to rethink your process?

The promotional review process is critical to the business operations of life science organizations. The more efficient the process, the easier and faster it is to get content to market and get your medicines and devices into the hands of those who need them most.

In this session, explore the latest trends in commercial content review and approval and compare your performance against industry benchmarks. Learn the key drivers of the process and join subject matter experts Victoria Marsh, Director of Content Management Product and Strategy at IQVIA and Jessy Horrell, VP of Customer Success, at Vodori on how to continuously refine your process through effective measurement and process optimization.

3 takeaway meals

  • Find out where traditional bottlenecks occur in the review process and discover ways to streamline the process, both in and around your review software platform.
  • Learn the basic KPIs for the review process based on organization size and product category.
  • Learn how the promotional review process can help provide intelligence-based recommendations to your sales teams for more personalized HCP engagements.


Victoria Marsh

Director of Product and Strategy, Commerce Content Technology, IQVIA

Jessy Horrell

Vice President, Customer Success, Vodori