1900 Wealth offers a new alternative investment platform

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As markets continue to react to the Federal Reserve’s monetary policy and ongoing geopolitical instability, investors are turning to their financial advisors for guidance on their portfolios.

At 1900 Wealth, we offer our clients the opportunity to invest in alternative asset classes as they are less correlated to the equity and fixed income markets and offer the potential for increasing returns. This investment category includes private equity, private credit, venture capital, real estate, energy solutions, disruptive technologies and timber/agriculture.

Historically, investment companies focus on stocks, bonds and cash. Traditional equity and fixed income markets may no longer produce the same results as they have for the past 10 years. Adding another layer of diversification, such as alternative investments, can help provide an additional source of portfolio returns. 1900 Wealth’s new alternative investment platform gives our clients better access to these unique opportunities.

“We have seen a growing demand for alternative investment strategies, which offer attractive opportunities for qualified investors,” said 1900 Wealth Chairman Todd Brockwell.

We assess a client’s liquidity needs, tax rates, risk aversion, time horizon and other key criteria. Although alternative investments can diversify the portfolio, they are not suitable for everyone. Our advisors will work with you to determine the investment mix that best suits your overall risk tolerance and financial goals.

At 1900 Wealth, we are delighted to offer our clients alternative investment opportunities as part of our expanding business strategy. We are based in San Antonio and proudly serve Central and South Texas. Our experienced wealth management advisors can help you implement a plan based on our investment philosophy coupled with your risk tolerance levels, long-term wealth management goals and time horizon. Learn more about 1900Wealth.com

Disclaimer: 1900 Wealth Management LLC is a wholly owned subsidiary of Jefferson Bank and a registered investment adviser with its principal place of business in Texas. Investments offered by 1900 Wealth are not FDIC insured, are not depositary or guaranteed by the bank or any of its affiliates and are subject to investment risks, including possible loss of principal invested.

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