February 9, 2020

Banks You Can Apply for Online Loans


Thanks to developing technology and banks that can adapt to this, consumers do not have to go to the branch in order to use credit. It is possible for the consumers, who have the opportunity to apply for credit online, to meet their cash needs up to 30 – 50 thousand USD in a very short time.

While most of the banks aiming at facilitating the transportation of consumers to banking products are instantly allocated after their customers’ online loan applications, they use courier services for non-customers to sign documents such as account opening and loan agreements.

In this context, bank customers can withdraw their credit within 5 – 10 minutes if the loan application made by them is responded positively, for those who do not have bank customers, this period may take 1 – 2 business days. In any case, it is possible to use loans in a shorter time and effortlessly than the application made at the branch.

How to Apply for Online Loan?

How to Apply for Online Loan?

Instead of addressing separately for each bank, it would be useful to examine the same process under one title. All banks below have the opportunity to apply for credit online. Accordingly, after deciding which bank to use online credit, the only thing to do is to log in to the bank’s website.

Consumers who log in to the bank’s web address should follow the Products> Loans> Consumer Loan steps from the menu and access the page prepared specifically for the consumer loan. The Apply Now or Apply links on this page must be followed.

On the page that opens, the consumer’s TCKN, GSM number, Name, etc. personal information is requested. The Bank will make a credit risk inquiry in the light of this information and therefore it must be shared with the bank in full.

After completing the form and submitting the request to the bank, the credit assessment will be completed in about 15 minutes and an information SMS will be received from the bank. Accordingly, depending on the business process of the bank, the necessary documents are either sent to the consumer’s address via courier or the closest branch is requested to complete the allocation. In case of going to the branch after the loan application, which has been answered positively, an application or procedure is not required, and only the documents required for the account opening are signed.

Good Credit Online Needs Loan

Good Credit Online Needs Loan

Good Credit, the successful digital banking initiative, has been providing its customers with instant loan facility loans for years. With the mentioned loan product, it is possible to meet the cash need of up to 30 thousand USD within 1 day without going to the branch. Thanks to suitable payment options and other distinctive features of Good Credit, Good Credit Instant Credit product is frequently preferred.

In case of a loan request of 20 thousand USD through Good Credit:

  • 1875 USD per month for a 12-month term, a total of 22.500 USD,
  • 1041 USD per month for a 24-month term, a total of 24.977 USD,
  • 767 USD each month for a 36-month maturity, 27.616 USD in total,
  • For a 48-month maturity, 634 USD each month and a total of 30,413 USD payments are required.

E-cash Easy Loan

E-cash Easy Loan

E-cash product, which is aimed at consumers with low credit ratings from Good Finance and who cannot draw loans from other banks, successfully fulfills this commitment. The loan application to Good Finance is evaluated within 15 minutes and allocated within the same day. The bank card required for the low amount of expenditures for consumers who did not open an account at Good Finance before or did not have a passing debit card is delivered to the address by courier.

With the E-cash product, cash needs of up to 30 thousand USD can be met with a term of 48 months and no insurance fee is charged.

In case of a loan request of 20 thousand USD through Good Finance:

  • For a 12-month maturity, 1979 USD each month, a total of 23.849 USD,
  • 1149 USD each month for a 24-month term, 27.678 USD in total,
  • 881 USD per month for a 36-month term, a total of 31.850 USD,
  • For a 48-month maturity, 755 USD each month and a total of 36,347 USD should be paid.

Online Credit Terms


The loan usage terms that apply to all the above banks are as follows:

  • C. being a citizen,
  • Being over the age of 18,
  • Having a regular income,
  • Having been in SSI for at least 3 months,
  • Having paid SGK premium for at least 12 months,
  • High credit score,
  • Not being blacklisted.

Most banks do not request proof of income or guarantor, but it should be noted that each branch has the right to request proof of income or guarantor if deemed necessary.

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